Internal Software Department

The Internal Software Development Team develops and maintains the company’s business process automation system, including an interactive office map based on a biometric authentication system and a personal career-planning module.

The system has two-tier architecture and interacts with most internal and external services. The back-end is based on ASP.NET Web API. We use SignalR to increase application interactivity and our own ORM, which provides a full set of database tools with minimal impact on performance. The web-client is a single-page application based on ECMAScript 6 with flexible architecture and a dynamic module loader.

When developing server-side components, we pay careful attention to the safety and integrity of critical data. For this reason, we implemented a flexible role-based authorization system in certain modules that are calculated based on detailed analysis.

The client-side development focuses on mobile optimization and utilizes a balanced approach to adapting the browser version for mobile platforms (migrating to mobile applications using PhoneGap/Cordova).

The team is also creating a platform for publishing our development builds of mobile apps.

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