Game BI Department

The Game BI Department is responsible for developing and supporting the analytical tools that monitor Plarium Kharkiv’s game projects. The majority of the tools used by the team were developed in-house. 

The team’s tools are capable of gathering, processing, storing, and analyzing 700 million in-game events each day. The department’s duties involve supporting and improving their analytical systems, in addition to:

  • Creating and optimizing algorithms that handle raw data processing in ETL-processes
  • Expanding the event logging system
  • Supporting data storage systems based on Google BigQuery and Cloudera Impala
  • Working with visual data display systems

Developers in the Game BI Department have the opportunity to:

  • Work with big data
  • Perform data mining 
  • Apply various aspects of data science
  • Improve and scale in-house data analysis solutions
  • Experiment with new technologies and implement them in the company’s projects

The team uses C# / .NET, Google BigQuery, Cloudera Impala, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Elastic, Kibana, Grafana, and Kafka.

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