Game Platforms Department

The Game Platforms Department develops gaming platforms, user engagement platforms, and marketing services. The department is currently working on a number of projects:

  1. Gaming platforms: 
    • and websites with DAU of over 300k players
    • Plarium Play desktop app for Windows and MacOS to publish games from Plarium and other developers
  2. User engagement platforms:
    • Forum for the worldwide community of players enjoying Plarium’s browser and mobile games
    • Messenger to facilitate communication between gaming platform users
  3. Marketing services:
    • Cutting-edge landing page development
    • Automatic landing page builder 

The back-end of our projects is based on .NET, while the front-end uses ReactJS as well as proprietary libraries. We also have an easily scalable, custom developed CMS and isomorphic engine to render static pages. This helps us to automate content filling, content versioning, and publishing tasks.

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