Internal Software Department

The Internal Software Development Department is responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s business process automation system. The system includes an interactive office map linked to a biometric authentication system as well as modules for recruitment and career planning.

The system uses client-server architecture and interacts with internal and external services (Google API, Google Calendars, Sendgrid Mail Sender, Biostar, etc.). The backend is based on the ASP.NET Web API. We also use SignalR to increase application interactivity as well as our custom developed ORM, which provides a full set of database tools.

The Web client is a single-page application using React JS to create flexible architecture and a dynamic module loader. The UI is designed using a proprietary design system including a component library, a set of ready-made solutions, templates, and best practices. This approach saves time while ensuring high quality.

When developing the project’s backend, we paid special attention to the safety and integrity of critical data. For this reason, we implemented a flexible role-based authorization system in certain modules based on detailed analysis.

The front-end development focuses on mobile optimization and utilizes a balanced approach to adapt the browser version for mobile platforms. We are now working on development and maintenance of a mobile application using the React Native framework.

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